Monday, December 21, 2009

Sad Day :(

We are having a rough day.

Our little Leukas died today and Tanner's a mess.

We had him 10 days and in that time the tiny 1.6 lb blue eyed love bug stole our hearts. It may seem silly to some of you but we are devastated at the loss. It's heart breaking to see my son so very sad due to an animal I introduced into his life.

Last night around 11 he vomited a couple times but since our older cat Kala deals with hair balls regularly we didn't think too much of it. This morning however he struggled to walk and was limp. It was obvious something was very wrong. I rushed him to the vet only to find out a few hours later that he would not make it.

In the 10 days we had him we incurred a large vet bill and a large void now that he's gone. Please pray for Tanner and the rest of the family as the children learn a very hard life lesson.

You will be missed Leukas Snowflake Maxwell III

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