Monday, December 21, 2009

His Mercies Are New Every Morning

Blech, blah, waaaaa

What a stinky day. My head hurts and my heart is sad.

On a positive note I pulled an old box of lego type toys from the garage and my 5 children have been playing in the living room together for over a hour. They are wonderfully distracted and playing very well together. They are working together to create a monstrosity and it's super cute.

Tanner had a very rough day but we've not had any tears since 2pm. I collected all of Leukas' odds and ends and stored them upstairs in the attic for the time being. We fully intend on another kitty so all those things will be put to good use eventually.

I have to say there is a lot of anxiety at the prospect of a new kitten. I don't know how many of you have met our cat of 11 years but she's not nice. We wanted a new kitten to be raised around and with the kids so that he would sleep with them and allow them to love on him. We were thrilled with little Leuk because he was a love bug. He preferred to be on us or with us at all times. I really don't want another Kayla. Jared and I feel strongly about keeping our pets for their lifetime and we wouldn't ever get rid of an animal even if it wasn't the demeanor we hoped for.

So, now we're starting our search all over again. We're sad and we're broke. I would seriously consider waiting a while so our checking account and our hearts can recover but a very sad little boy asked me today if we could find him a new kitty to sleep in his bed.

It's actually difficult to find a healthy, freshly weaned kitten 4 days before Christmas. I feel a lot like a 8 year old little girl and I just want my kitty back.

***A sweet update***
Pam R. came by the house tonight bringing a precious gift to our sad little Tanner. A friend of hers came across some Zhu Zhu pets and purchased more than she needed. Pam brought Tanner two new hamster friends. For those of you who know Tanner know what a perfect gift this was. Thank you Pam we love you.

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Alisa said...

So sorry for the poor little kitty....and Tanner :(