Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About 65.9% Better

Today's better day for me but not so much for the family. Poor Tanner was up in the night with a ear ache and then first thing this morning he was vomiting.

The silver lining is after having severe abdominal pain for 2 days I lost 2.6 lbs due to being scared to death to eat. I never "got sick" I just was in a lot of pain. I almost think having the relief of being sick may have been more tolerable. I'm out of bed, bathed, and thinking of coffee. All 3 major improvements over yesterday.

I'm praying this doesn't run through my family on their remaining days of vacation. We still have Christmas with Jared's family and who wants to have the flu on break?!

Okay, back to bed. I've expended the energy I had to offer for the day.

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