Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merry Thanksgiving?

Today is an interesting day!

This morning Jessica R. and I are heading to the Piper High School to carol at the craft fair. This is my 3rd or 4th year doing this. People look at us kinda weird at first but end up singing along and really enjoying it by the end of the day. Karen B. hires us and the extra money is always nice to help with Christmas gifts for the boys. My favorite part is looking through all the crafty crafts while we sing.

This afternoon we are having Thanksgiving with all of Jared's extended family. It was just the best day for us to get together. As soon as caroling wraps up the family is heading to Platte City for the rest of the day. Yesterday Ms. Jess and I made 9.5 dozen of homemade rolls. She cooks for camp all summer and has the large batch making down to a science. I'm super thankful for her help because I would have been making small batch after small batch.

We ended up making two of her enormous batches of bread because one wasn't quite enough and two is wayyy too much but this way there's extra vs not enough. I know my mom in law will appreciate that.

I'm off to get all dolled up so the customers at the craft fair assume I'm supposed to be singing at them vs some vagrant that has wandered in for warmth.

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