Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well Hello There

-When I look at our Christmas picture I just think, "Wow that whole crowd came from my womb." That is really odd & overwhelmingly wonderful.

-Our sweet Jess T. made Elijah's little world today. Brennan and Tanner both own Nintendo DS' and Elijah has been longingly looking on. He's been quiet and doesn't demand anything but he desperately wants in on the action. We explained he simply needs to be able to read before he could really benefit from one. Today Jess brought him a Game Boy Advance that she's had hiding in a drawer for nearly a decade. She found a simple Mario game and he's in heaven. He came up to me at church and shyly placed his forehead against my belly, held the game system over his head and said, "This is all I want for Christmas, I love it. It's so fun." He couldn't be happier and neither could I. It's really true, love my babies and I'll love you forever. Thank you Ms. Jess, your generous sweet spirit is truly a gift.

-Anneliese is sick. The poor little thing just looks awful. She went to bed tonight looking as if someone dipped her nose first into a vat of ointment. Her little face is cracked and chaffed from all the nose wiping. We've resorted to blotting vs wiping due to the pain she's in. I decided the only way she'll survive with her nose in tact is with a dose of benedryl and some heavy nose lubrication. Poor baby.

-I have really been enjoying going through all our pics on the new computer. The facial recognition software is fascinating. It thinks Brennan and Elijah are my dad. It thought Anita and I were the same person (weird!). Apparently all of you who think Sis and Graham look identical are right. It's really interesting and a lot of fun. Be prepared for a lot of videos and pics in future blogs.

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