Sunday, December 27, 2009

Home Stretch!

Tomorrow officially starts my 15lb count down.

I have 15 pounds to lose to be exactly where I want to be. I decided to take it easy over Christmas because...well...I wanted to :)

I've lost just shy of 70lbs and have worked hard for 9 months and I wanted to enjoy our Christmas. For those of you who know my craziness you should be making a mental note about how much less crazy I am than in past years. I have gained prospective and patience. My goal is health not a particular size and even though my Wii fit claims I'm obese I know I'm well on my way to having an ideal BMI.

With each of my 5 babies I have gained and then lost so much weight that this feels like old hat. I'm in the "I'm freezing" stage of my weight loss and it's come at a slightly inconvenient time due to the blizzard and all. I spend most of the day in sweats, wrapped in my pink fluffy robe, sipping coffee.

It is my goal to be 15lbs lighter by my birthday in March. That seems completely reasonable and I also plan to take full advantage of my new Wii Fit Plus my husband gifted me for Christmas. It's a huge improvement over Wii fit. I love that you can customize an actual workout and it tells you how many calories you've burned.

What are your health/fitness goals for 2010?


Amy said...

I got a wii fit plus, too! I haven't actually opened it yet.... It would be cool if we could somehow hook them to the internet and workout together! Is that possible?

Jen said...

My plan is to gain a bunch of weight and then try to lose it. LOL Seriously tho, this is the last baby so I decided I am going to enjoy being pregnant this time! With that means not stressing about how much I gain. I'm not going to go crazy or anything, but I'm not going to worry. It will come off. :)

I have noticed you not obsessing about your weight and I am proud of you! You look awesome! :)