Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm a Popsicle

-We took Leuk to the vet today. He has been sleeping about 23.5 hours a day. He needed a well kitten check as well as his vaccinations. Apparently the sleeping is due to a bacterial bug in his gut and with some canned food and a little dewormer he should be good as new in no time. He weighs a whopping 1.6lbs. He's a heavy weight, they just kept commenting on how tiny he is. I wish there was some way to keep his little fuzzy self just like he is.

-I started into my book Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit again. It's a really good read for all mom's since we all teach our children and most of us need more patience. I'm still doing well with my quiet time and this book has an entire chapter on how important it is to take time in the Word. It asks what are "robbers" of meekness and quiet in your life and honestly disorganization and a lack of connection with the Lord are my top two. If I'm nurturing my relationship with Christ life in general is just more tolerable.

-Friday is a big day! Tanner turns 8 and we have Zachary's last court date. As of Friday all the T's are crossed and I's dotted and Zach's permanently a Hancock! I can't wait. I don't know if my family is aware but I'm planing to head to Topeka and celebrate both boys so get ready for us :)

-Anneliese is pulling up to a standing position now. Just last night we put her to bed and a hour later she was crying and wouldn't stop. I went up to check on her and she was standing in the corner and was too timid to lay/sit down. She was stuck and was soo tired! I laid her down and she went right to sleep. FUNNY!

-I found a guy on Craigslist that is selling a barbie set that has Princess Anneliese and all her cohorts. I'm trying to decide if I should get it and put it away for her until she's old enough to appreciate it. I'm a little concerned that by the time she's old enough it will be impossible to find Princess Anneliese gear. All you Barbie fans out there let me know if you think this is a good deal.

-Brennan my 3rd grader is on chapter 10 of the first Harry Potter book. I was curious what level of reading it is so I looked it up and it's 5.1. Way to go Brennan! He's really enjoying it and wants to watch the first movie but I wanted him to read the book first. He has his daddy's hunger for knowledge and love of reading. I don't think there's anyway you could have convinced me to read a thick chapter book without pictures in third grade. I was still reading Judy Bloom at that stage.

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Rebecca said...

Go for the Barbie stuff. I haven't seen Princess Anneliese stuff in the stores in a long time. You just don't know what you'll be able to find later on and you won't regret having it down the road (if you do, just sell it again!)...btw, that is a good deal. Barbies these days are expensive - as in, $20 a pop! It will be special for your girl to someday have a doll with her name. Anneliese will appreciate that her mommy was thinking of her before she was old enough to care! In just a few years, she'll be THRILLED with that stuff :-)