Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun In The Sun

Who knew a cheap blow up pool from Wal-Mart could be so fun?!

A couple days ago I bought a 3 ring pool that's a decent size. It's big enough for the kids and I to float around in and is only about 2 feet deep.

I currently have it on the back porch and we are having so much fun! Last night the boys, Anneliese and I all sat in there for a couple hours. Sis loved it and kept kicking and splashing all while smiling at her big brothers. The boys have been spending hours floating, going under, and exploring with their goggles.

I've never been one to desire a pool due to the drowning risk. As the kids get older however I can really see us investing in a larger above ground pool. My Mom and my Dad had the 3ft round pools while I was young and I have great memories playing in them all summer. My favorite memories being of Jason and I swimming at Dad's late at night. Too fun!

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