Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missing Link

I want my Brennan home!

First of all I got a some what frantic phone call yesterday from a teen staff member. Brennan apparently got over heated while playing in the 110 degree heat index. Brennan got on the phone crying. He sounded scared and upset but most of all he wanted to make sure I didn't come get him. Poor little guy was just sure his crazy mom was going to come snatch him and bring him home. He was right. If I hadn't had to work I would have been there. Thankfully I received a text from Cassidy (another staffer) who assured me he was already better and ready to go swimming within about 15 minutes.

Here at home I'm quickly realizing how much that precious boy helps. Removing him from the equation has caused chaos. Tanner and Eli can't seem to get along for more than about 10 minutes. Jared has consistently told Brennan he is to be a peacemaker and apparently he is and he's good at it.

Lately Elijah has been our irritant. He constantly picks at the other boys and without Brennan I am a full time referee.

While Nebraska Furniture Mart was here today measuring our flooring we had complete melt down. Tanner hit Eli, Eli retaliated by scratching Tanner across the belly. Anneliese had a blow out and Graham scratched his ankle and screamed and screamed. WOW, I've never seen someone work so quickly. That poor guy was desperate to get out of my house. Little did he know that I shared in that desire!

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