Saturday, June 20, 2009

Read All About It

-I have so much I want to write about and none of the energy or time to do it.

-Our phones are still out. Apparently our line was struck by lightening and the lost phone was just a coincidence. I'll make a call with my cell phone on Monday and hopefully our land line will be up and running soon.

-We're home! Tired and worn out but we're home! I love home! Home is awesome.

-The insurance adjuster came by this morning. He scrapped our floors. Now the shopping with 5 kids in tow begins. I have no idea what I'll pick. I thought dark wood but apparently they show everything. I have light and I'm not a fan. Maybe mediumish, but do I go with a satin finish or a textured finish? Where will my family eat for the week this is going to take. The "ohhh fun" wore off as soon as reality started to settle in. This is going to take a lot of work.

-I'm about to install a dishwasher. I've never done it before but since I'm allergic to hand washing I better get to it. My counter tops are disappearing under stacks of dirty dishes. Taking the kids shopping does come in handy. While picking out a dishwasher they didn't have the one I wanted in stock and since I'd been there so long with the kids they offered us the higher end dishwasher for the same price! That's a savings of $110. Yipee!

-I led worship this week at camp. I came to the realization that I am reliant on sheet music. We just had lists of words with cords for guitars. All of the music was transposed into Mike K.'s favorite key. I figured "no biggie I know the songs." Apparently it's a really big biggie. I didn't know when to come in and I couldn't hear the beginning note since it wasn't in the original key. It was rough but thankfully with a lot of patience from Austin we had it by the end of the week. IF Jared asks me again I'll be sure to print out music for myself. It was a growing/learning experience. I have to say it was a real blessing to get to know a couple AWESOME people. I am extremely thankful for Austin, Curtis, Morgan and Amy for helping.

-Brennan leaves tomorrow for his first week of camp as a camper. I packed him up this evening and have been talking to him about the importance of bathing daily. This is a huge deal for a home schooler and his mother. I know he'll be fine and have a wonderful time. I just hope I can survive without his extremely helpful obedient little self.

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Alisa said...

I can't even tell you the times we have had the "daily bathing, deodorizing, tooth brushing" chat with Corban. I hope it sticks. I told him if nobody wants to sit near him, there is a good reason why.

I told Brittney to smell him each day...:)