Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gettin It Together

-We leave for camp a week from Sunday!

-I'm super excited to say that I will be leading worship at Junior High camp. We have a couple guitarists that will be playing and I am organizing the songs and will be leading vocally. It has been a hope of mine that Jared and I would someday work together at camp with him preaching/dean and me singing. We work really well together and I love that we can serve together as a family.

-I have a goal to find a Baby Bjorn carrier before we leave. Since Anneliese is only 3 months she's at a good age to take and as long as I can just strap her on she'll be fine. She loves her sling but she is quickly outgrowing it. When she can not be satisfied the sling is the only thing that helps. It's almost weird how quickly she settles in and crashes.

-There is a particular Graco pack in play I've wanted since I found out Sis was a girl. It's pricey so I refused to buy it new and today (just days before camp!) I found it for $30!! YAY!

-More than likely we'll leave Graham home again while we're at camp. It's so hard to be with out him but he's just at an age where he can't really be trusted. The boys have a lot of free time and if Jared and I are both occupied he could easily wander off.

-I picked up an adorable teeny tiny swim suit and hat for Sis at a garage sale. I didn't want to buy one at the store because I figured she'd only wear it once or twice. The neat thing is I picked one out a Gymboree the other day that I just loved and I found it today at a garage sale for $2!

-The week leading up to camp is always crunch time for Jared but once we get there is such a wonderful family time. I am really looking forward to serving our Lord together at the camp that was such an influence on me as a child.


Alisa said...

you will do a great job with worship!

Shannon said...

Ahh, thank you Alisa I really appreciate that.