Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Morning Fog

-I am bootless! Yipee. It's a real conundrum. I'm glad to have it off but my foot hurts. It's really swollen and barely "fits" into my shoe. By fit I mean stuffed. I still have a pretty severe limp but I am definitely progressing.

-It's Thursday and that means VBS is almost over. I have to say I'm really thankful how quickly it's going this year. Something about 5 babies and a broken foot while leading music and breastfeeding is wearing me down. I'm just so thankful for all those that worked so hard to get it together. My kids are having a wonderful time.

-Coffee!! I have been seriously craving coffee this week. If you haven't tried the coffees at McD's you should! I love the fat free sugar free vanilla latte. I'm just a little surprised at the price. It's $3.63 for a large latte and that's pretty similar to both Starbucks and Scooter's. I thought the idea of McD's coffee was that it was just as good for less. I would say it's almost as good for the same money. The drive through convienence is the only reason I prefer them to the other coffee stores.

-We had our carpets cleaned in the main traffic areas yesterday. It's amazing the difference. I highly recommend Brooke's Chem Dry in Leavenworth. They're affordable and do an amazing job and guaruntee their work. I try to have them out once a year with our 5 kids and 2 dogs but it had been 18 mos. I'm hoping to have them do the other 3 rooms next payday. BTW they also clean and seal tile. I'm eager to have that done due to all the boys and the bathroom. It's like getting new carpet, Amazazing!

-Apparently VBS is wearing Anneliese out as well. Last night we went to Mike and Kyle's to play games and at 8:30 she got really fussy. We layed her on Mike's bed and after a few minutes of crying she crashed and slept through transferring her home and on until 6:45 this morning! I fed her and she's back asleep.

-Our TV should be here any day. Sony said it shipped a couple days ago. After selling the armoire we will come out even. The cost of the new TV plus the new cabinet matches the selling cost of the armoire. It's been a pretty major overhaul to get it all done and ready but I'm super thankful that in the end it won't end up costing us. We just weren't in the position to be buying a TV right now. Saying that the living room looks weirdly huge without that armoire. Jared and I love the new arrangement.

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