Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hopped Up!

I'm all hopped up on caffine!

I just realized it's 4:30 and I haven't eaten today. I've had 3 lattes however and I'm just now feeling hungry.

The new espresso machine is awesome and I've perfected skinny caramel lattes and my favorite chocolate mint latte. Mom and I had them iced but I tried a mocha latte early today nice and hot and it was delish too.

I'm thrilled with how well they turn out. I'm a little biased but they honestly don't taste any different than Scooters or Starbucks. I use Starbuck's beans and Scooter's syrups.

Now I'm off to make the Spaghetti bake in the previous post. I have to eat some protein today!

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