Saturday, June 13, 2009


I figure this will be my last chance to check in before we head out for camp.

Today's been a stinky day. I've gotten a lot accomplished including watching the season finally of The Hills (please don't think too poorly of me :)).

Graham is trying to make our leaving him easier by being a holy terror. Jared's been working like a dog for days on end and the kids are so excited for camp they literally ask me every hour if it's time yet.

UGH!! I've done more laundry than I thought possible in a two day stint. I've yet to shower and it's 4:15. I had to decide to shower or have a caramel cappuccino and blog. The coffee computer combo won. Hopefully Sis is super tired and I'll get to do both.

Our little Moe is heading over to Mike B's for the week. He leaves tonight at 6ish. I'll miss the furry little annoyance but we don't want a repeat of last year. Poodles aren't great campers.

Sophie is going with us unfortunately. It's definitely NOT ideal but we can't leave her on a chain for 5 days. I purchased a bark collar for her over the internet since she loses her mind around strangers and of course it hasn't come yet. It should be here Monday or Tuesday I would guess. So we'll have a week of her whining and baying at everything that moves.

Like I said in a previous post the week leading up to camp is miserable but once we get there it's fantastic. I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon. I just hope I make it until then.

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