Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Last Thing

As we were preparing for camp tonight Brennan was walking through the kitchen when he slipped and fell. I asked why he slipped he said, "There's water all over the floor."

Sure enough our dishwasher flooded that area of the kitchen. When we walk on the pergo flooring water oozes up from between the boards. I'm guessing that's a bad sign. I have really worked to make that stinkin dishwasher last but apparently it's defiant.

Our insurance company is online (like most I'm sure) and I was able to file a claim tonight at 9:30 while wearing my pjs and doing laundry.

I'm eager to see what they have to say. The boards are already swelling and changing shape. My mom had a similar claim and she received a new floor! So here's hoping something really frustrating with terrible timing turns into something fun.

When we rehabbed our house the flooring we have was what was available to us at a great discount but not necessarily what I would have picked. So, maybe...I'll get to pick out a new floor. We'll see.

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