Thursday, June 11, 2009


I weighed this morning. I'm down 7lbs in two weeks! WHOO HOO! I knew things had to be moving in the right direction since my clothes are getting loose but it's SO nice to actually see the progress on the scale.

I am so excited and feel vindicated. I have worked so hard and turned away all kinds of wonderful treats in order to stay on plan. Anneliese is 12 weeks today and I'm down 40lbs. I wish I could say I was almost to goal but that just isn't the case. I gained an incredible amount of weight with Sis and I started out 15 lbs over goal.

When I was running so much my weight stabilized and I was really happy with my physique and my weight. The problem was when I stopped running my weight started creeping up and at the beginning of my pregnancy I was up 15lbs from the weight I'd maintained for 7 years.

I'm eager to get back to the healthy weight I worked so hard for and I'm really proud that I lost 11.6lbs (over 5 weeks) while I had a broken foot and have had very little activity.

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