Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That's So Lame

While talking to my husband I had a question.

Since my foot is no longer broken but yet not entirely better how do I categorize it? I find myself saying, "Watch out for my broken foot," "my broken foot hurts," "stupid broken foot" and the like.

I recognize the fact that it's not technically broken anymore so what it is exactly? He looked at me and said,"It's lame. You have a lame foot."

Nice, I have a lame foot or I'm lame I'm not sure which. Either way I want my old not so lame foot back :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Parting Ways?

It's official. I put in my two week notice with Weight Watchers.

It's unfortunate but necessary. I worked for them for 6 years (minus a year hiatus when my Dad passed).

With 5 kids it's just a little too much. I was working after Anneliese was born mainly because I felt a loyalty to my boss. She started the Monday night meeting for me and I've worked it for a year and a half.

She is no longer with the company so without her I really feel like I can go. I no longer need to be employed in order to keep my weight off. It's a way of life for me and as a lifetime member I can always return to meetings as a member if I need encouragement.

For all you Weight Watchers members and fellow employees that read my ramblings...Thank you! If it weren't for you I wouldn't have worked as long as I have. You've made my job rewarding and fun. Working for Weight Watchers has increased my self esteem and given me great facilitating skills. I'm excited to dedicate myself further to the kids and embark on home schooling 3 of my 5 kiddos in the fall.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Reporting

-Brennan had a wonderful time at camp. He came home looking older. I know that sounds silly since he was only gone 4 days. It just seems like he matured while he was gone. Being away from us and doing just fine has given him confidence. The main thing was he was glad to be home. He just kept saying how much he missed all of us. He seemed tickled that Anneliese looked chubbier.

-Tanner is gone today for day camp. He went with his buddy Trent. We are super thankful for Jenny H for taking his sweet self up there and back.

-Jared and I are going to a wedding today. Our good friends from Rushville are marrying off their youngest and we can't wait to be reunited with all our old church family. It's hard to believe she's getting married since when we met her she was Brennan's age. WEIRD :)

-As much as I'm looking forward to the wedding I'm feeling extremely insecure. I still have a good 35lbs to lose. Hopefully I'll be able to put something together that makes me feel somewhat cute. I can't wear real dress shoes due to my foot and a dress is out since I'm still nursing. This will be interesting.

-I purchased 350 square feet of flooring plus trim pieces yesterday. My previous blog picturing the chosen floor is no longer valid. I ended up going to Lumber Liquidators per Alisa's suggestion (Thanks Alisa!!!!). I found a very similar floor for $1.99 per foot (a savings of approx. $6 per square ft) verses $3.90 (the cost of the flooring in the previous post). The best part is that it has a 30 year warranty against wear and fading. Laminate flooring is measured in mm (6,8,10, or 12). 12 mm flooring is considered commercial grade and is for high traffic areas. The floor I picked is 12 mm and already has the backing attached (saving more money!). Now we have to schedule someone to come out and install it. Jared and I are planning on moving all the appliances and tearing out the old flooring to save money. This is going to be a huge undertaking. Once the floors are in we will have to install all new quarter round. Ugh, I have anxiety just thinking about it. I will be thrilled when it's all said and done. In the mean time I'm going to paint and pick out new 2" blinds and drapes. It will be a whole new kitchen!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun In The Sun

Who knew a cheap blow up pool from Wal-Mart could be so fun?!

A couple days ago I bought a 3 ring pool that's a decent size. It's big enough for the kids and I to float around in and is only about 2 feet deep.

I currently have it on the back porch and we are having so much fun! Last night the boys, Anneliese and I all sat in there for a couple hours. Sis loved it and kept kicking and splashing all while smiling at her big brothers. The boys have been spending hours floating, going under, and exploring with their goggles.

I've never been one to desire a pool due to the drowning risk. As the kids get older however I can really see us investing in a larger above ground pool. My Mom and my Dad had the 3ft round pools while I was young and I have great memories playing in them all summer. My favorite memories being of Jason and I swimming at Dad's late at night. Too fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Steppin Up

I have picked out my new floors. It's called "Rustic Hickory Planks" and they match really well. Unfortunately we can't afford to put the wood floors throughout the living room and office since installation in the kitchen/dining will cost a cool $1000. As you can see they are a couple shades darker than our previous floors but yet not too dark. They're a nice medium shade and they're textured. They have a slightly "distressed" look to them and I'm super happy with the look as a whole.

We should receive a call tomorrow to schedule. I'm hoping to have it all said and done within the next 2 weeks. YAY!

Phone Home

Our phones have been out two weeks on Friday.

If you've called and got an incessant busy signal that would be why. ATT has promised a technician will be out on Friday between 8am and 8pm. Apparently I'm just supposed to hang out for 12 hours and wait for their arrival.

Meanwhile my cell phone has been our primary phone. I'm realizing that my ringer isn't loud enough. Even though I've tried to keep it out (vs snug in my diaper bag) I still miss half the calls/texts I receive.

Just leave me a message and I will return the call as soon as I check my phone and realize I've missed yet another phone call.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missing Link

I want my Brennan home!

First of all I got a some what frantic phone call yesterday from a teen staff member. Brennan apparently got over heated while playing in the 110 degree heat index. Brennan got on the phone crying. He sounded scared and upset but most of all he wanted to make sure I didn't come get him. Poor little guy was just sure his crazy mom was going to come snatch him and bring him home. He was right. If I hadn't had to work I would have been there. Thankfully I received a text from Cassidy (another staffer) who assured me he was already better and ready to go swimming within about 15 minutes.

Here at home I'm quickly realizing how much that precious boy helps. Removing him from the equation has caused chaos. Tanner and Eli can't seem to get along for more than about 10 minutes. Jared has consistently told Brennan he is to be a peacemaker and apparently he is and he's good at it.

Lately Elijah has been our irritant. He constantly picks at the other boys and without Brennan I am a full time referee.

While Nebraska Furniture Mart was here today measuring our flooring we had complete melt down. Tanner hit Eli, Eli retaliated by scratching Tanner across the belly. Anneliese had a blow out and Graham scratched his ankle and screamed and screamed. WOW, I've never seen someone work so quickly. That poor guy was desperate to get out of my house. Little did he know that I shared in that desire!

Monday, June 22, 2009


I called Carpet Direct today to schedule them to come out. That's where we purchased our carpet and got a great deal. They sell tile, laminate, and hardwoods as well. When I was talking with him he said they sell Shaw flooring. So I decided to check out the options on their website before he heads over tomorrow.

They have the NEATEST tool. I took a picture of our kitchen uploaded it and they let me try out different floors on my own kitchen!! Not only that but I can also change the wall color. What an awesome way to see what tile would look like in my kitchen (awesome by the way) plus I tried out several different laminates. I really love the wood look. It's just really homey.

There are concerns about tile. 1) our floors are uneven and the grout could crack. 2) our kitchen floors are FREEZING in the winter due to a crawl space under the kitchen area. Tile would be even colder than laminate. 3) we have tile in the back hallway and I think it would look weird to have two different tiles butt up to each other so we would need to re-tile the hallway as well.

The issues with laminate are 1) our insurance adjuster said they are extremely susceptible to water damage. He mentioned that just tipping your mop bucket over will ruin them. Real woods can be patched or sanded making it easier to fix vs replacing the whole floor. Real wood isn't really an option for us due to 5 kids and 2 dogs. They'd look nice for about a week. 2) As hard as they try they just don't look like real wood or tile (yes there are laminates that look like tile and grout).

If we go with laminate I may have it through the living room as well. It just depends on cost. We have extremely high traffic through there and the carpet gets a beating. We purchased a rug to protect the living room but the transition from one room to the other is exposed and it gets really dark. Jared's not a fan of hard flooring in the living room so that may take some convincing. We'll see.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's A Wash

My new dishwasher is up and running! Whoopah!

It took a lot longer than I thought but I figured it out. The only issue left is that now it's running I'll have to disconnect it and reconnect it when the floors go in.

I have a quick poll...

Jared and I are in the process of figuring out what to put down. We have uneven flooring so our choices are somewhat limited. We figure we'll probably just replace Pergo with another laminate flooring. I'm having a hard time picking out a color and keep thinking about tile. There are really pretty tiles out there and with a darker grout will look nice and wear well. The uneven flooring could be less of an issue if we used a thicker backer board.

Just curious...do you like tile or laminate flooring better?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Read All About It

-I have so much I want to write about and none of the energy or time to do it.

-Our phones are still out. Apparently our line was struck by lightening and the lost phone was just a coincidence. I'll make a call with my cell phone on Monday and hopefully our land line will be up and running soon.

-We're home! Tired and worn out but we're home! I love home! Home is awesome.

-The insurance adjuster came by this morning. He scrapped our floors. Now the shopping with 5 kids in tow begins. I have no idea what I'll pick. I thought dark wood but apparently they show everything. I have light and I'm not a fan. Maybe mediumish, but do I go with a satin finish or a textured finish? Where will my family eat for the week this is going to take. The "ohhh fun" wore off as soon as reality started to settle in. This is going to take a lot of work.

-I'm about to install a dishwasher. I've never done it before but since I'm allergic to hand washing I better get to it. My counter tops are disappearing under stacks of dirty dishes. Taking the kids shopping does come in handy. While picking out a dishwasher they didn't have the one I wanted in stock and since I'd been there so long with the kids they offered us the higher end dishwasher for the same price! That's a savings of $110. Yipee!

-I led worship this week at camp. I came to the realization that I am reliant on sheet music. We just had lists of words with cords for guitars. All of the music was transposed into Mike K.'s favorite key. I figured "no biggie I know the songs." Apparently it's a really big biggie. I didn't know when to come in and I couldn't hear the beginning note since it wasn't in the original key. It was rough but thankfully with a lot of patience from Austin we had it by the end of the week. IF Jared asks me again I'll be sure to print out music for myself. It was a growing/learning experience. I have to say it was a real blessing to get to know a couple AWESOME people. I am extremely thankful for Austin, Curtis, Morgan and Amy for helping.

-Brennan leaves tomorrow for his first week of camp as a camper. I packed him up this evening and have been talking to him about the importance of bathing daily. This is a huge deal for a home schooler and his mother. I know he'll be fine and have a wonderful time. I just hope I can survive without his extremely helpful obedient little self.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Last Thing

As we were preparing for camp tonight Brennan was walking through the kitchen when he slipped and fell. I asked why he slipped he said, "There's water all over the floor."

Sure enough our dishwasher flooded that area of the kitchen. When we walk on the pergo flooring water oozes up from between the boards. I'm guessing that's a bad sign. I have really worked to make that stinkin dishwasher last but apparently it's defiant.

Our insurance company is online (like most I'm sure) and I was able to file a claim tonight at 9:30 while wearing my pjs and doing laundry.

I'm eager to see what they have to say. The boards are already swelling and changing shape. My mom had a similar claim and she received a new floor! So here's hoping something really frustrating with terrible timing turns into something fun.

When we rehabbed our house the flooring we have was what was available to us at a great discount but not necessarily what I would have picked. So, maybe...I'll get to pick out a new floor. We'll see.


I figure this will be my last chance to check in before we head out for camp.

Today's been a stinky day. I've gotten a lot accomplished including watching the season finally of The Hills (please don't think too poorly of me :)).

Graham is trying to make our leaving him easier by being a holy terror. Jared's been working like a dog for days on end and the kids are so excited for camp they literally ask me every hour if it's time yet.

UGH!! I've done more laundry than I thought possible in a two day stint. I've yet to shower and it's 4:15. I had to decide to shower or have a caramel cappuccino and blog. The coffee computer combo won. Hopefully Sis is super tired and I'll get to do both.

Our little Moe is heading over to Mike B's for the week. He leaves tonight at 6ish. I'll miss the furry little annoyance but we don't want a repeat of last year. Poodles aren't great campers.

Sophie is going with us unfortunately. It's definitely NOT ideal but we can't leave her on a chain for 5 days. I purchased a bark collar for her over the internet since she loses her mind around strangers and of course it hasn't come yet. It should be here Monday or Tuesday I would guess. So we'll have a week of her whining and baying at everything that moves.

Like I said in a previous post the week leading up to camp is miserable but once we get there it's fantastic. I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon. I just hope I make it until then.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Morning

Anneliese slept well last night :) She slept from 8:10pm until 9am. She's full of smiles and giggles and is currently sitting on the bean bag discussing the beautiful weather with her Tanner.

Today is getting down to crunch time. We live for camp on Sunday afternoon. My mom is on her way over to help. There's so much to do and Daddy's swamped with work. This is one of those weeks were he'll preach 7 or 8 times in 7 days. You figure he spends about 15 hours prep per sermon and he's also dean this week and is writing all the lessons...whew!

I'm not typically a list kinda a girl but I'm going to take a minute and write out a to do list. I just don't think we'll get there with everything we need while having things in order here if I don't.

Good thing I've got that fancy espresso machine. I made the best caramel cappuccino this morning. I should be able to kick into high gear and get everything done while being fueled with caffeine.

Just a quick poll. My foot is still in quite a bit of discomfort. I'm more than a little concerned about camp this week. There's a lot of walking to be done on difficult terrain. I went shoe shopping the other day trying to find something that would work. I bought a pair of Sketchers that are super ugly

But I thought they'd work. There aren't many shoes that even fit my swollen appendage. These not only fit but they didn't make me cry when I put them on. The problem is the longer I wear them the more my foot swells out the top. It gets pretty severe. I'm at a loss, my sneakers hurt really bad and flip flops or sandals give no support and in turn hurt. Do you know of a miracle shoe? At this point cost isn't really an issue. I have to have something to wear until my foot is healed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anneliese and Tanner

Ring Ring Ring

Just for your information:

We have 3 phones that all connect to the same base. One of those phones is currently missing.

The issue is it is apparently off the hook. So we can't receive calls at home until it is found. The best part is that it's apparently dead enough that the paging system won't work but yet not too dead to allow calls to come through.

I am searching and will let you know when our home phones are up and running again. Until then you're welcome to use our cell phones otherwise you'll just get incessant ringing.


I weighed this morning. I'm down 7lbs in two weeks! WHOO HOO! I knew things had to be moving in the right direction since my clothes are getting loose but it's SO nice to actually see the progress on the scale.

I am so excited and feel vindicated. I have worked so hard and turned away all kinds of wonderful treats in order to stay on plan. Anneliese is 12 weeks today and I'm down 40lbs. I wish I could say I was almost to goal but that just isn't the case. I gained an incredible amount of weight with Sis and I started out 15 lbs over goal.

When I was running so much my weight stabilized and I was really happy with my physique and my weight. The problem was when I stopped running my weight started creeping up and at the beginning of my pregnancy I was up 15lbs from the weight I'd maintained for 7 years.

I'm eager to get back to the healthy weight I worked so hard for and I'm really proud that I lost 11.6lbs (over 5 weeks) while I had a broken foot and have had very little activity.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hopped Up!

I'm all hopped up on caffine!

I just realized it's 4:30 and I haven't eaten today. I've had 3 lattes however and I'm just now feeling hungry.

The new espresso machine is awesome and I've perfected skinny caramel lattes and my favorite chocolate mint latte. Mom and I had them iced but I tried a mocha latte early today nice and hot and it was delish too.

I'm thrilled with how well they turn out. I'm a little biased but they honestly don't taste any different than Scooters or Starbucks. I use Starbuck's beans and Scooter's syrups.

Now I'm off to make the Spaghetti bake in the previous post. I have to eat some protein today!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Few Things

There are a few things that I am really hooked on right now. I thought I'd share just in case you may like them too...

1) Diet Mountain Dew. I love it. It's good canned or from the fountain. It's easy to chug when I'm super thirsty and it just really seems to hit the spot. Mmmm good and NO calories, my favorite. QT has thier 32oz drinks for $.49 for the time being. What a treat!

2) Spray and Wash Duel Power. I actually caught this when it was tossed at church. Alisa Y. brought her favorite things to a MOPS meeting and handed them out. I caught this as she tossed it through the air and almost broke a finger:) Truth be told it's the best stain remover I've ever used. It removes breast fed baby poo and that's a miracle! I haven't found a stain yet that it didn't remove. An absolute must have for moms.

3) Dove Supreme Cream Oil body wash. This was a gift from Mary G. and I'm addicted. I've used Oil of Olay for so long but she brought me a bottle of this and I love it. It smells so good and I love how soft my skin feels.

4) Olay Clarify and Cleanse daily scrub. I mentioned this in a previous post. I have complete control over my break outs since using this product. It works great and it takes very little so the tube lasts a really long time.

5) Christi's spaghetti bake. Christi C. made spaghetti bake for church several times and I never tried it because it wasn't point friendly. A couple months ago when we were both doing Weight Watchers she brought a "simply filling" friendly version and now I make it every week. It's super simple:
1lb 93% lean ground beef
Home made sauce (2 cans diced tomatoes, 1 garlic clove minced, 1Tbs olive oil, salt, pepper, and 3TBS oregano blended all together)
1 12oz package of whole wheat spaghetti noodles
1 cup of fat free cottage cheese
1 cup of fat free sour cream
Brown the meat, drain. Add sauce and let simmer while you boil the noodles. Once the noodles are tender drain them and dump them into an 8x8 pan. Cover noodles with sour cream and cottage cheese and the cover it all with the meat sauce. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. I then top each serving with fat free cheddar cheese. I highly recommend NOT covering the dish with fat free cheese since it creates a plastic barrier. Just sprinkle it on your individual serving and stir it in. Yummy! It's rich like lasagna and perfectly free on the old core plan.

6) Fresh ground coffee. My mom bought me a small coffee grinder and I'm sold! It really is better. I buy the 1lb packages of Starbucks beans (approx $11) and grind them at home. It smells heavenly and has such a rich flavor. My favorite "Pike's Place" is a available right now our Starbucks in Target. I'm trying to finish up what I have so I can justify buying a pound. I just add skim milk and splenda and it's "simply filling" and completely free on core. Perfect for rainy days like today! I'm hoping to become a Latte creator soon. I found a Krups Espresso/Cappuccino maker on Craigslist for $10! I love vanilla skinny lattes from Starbucks and I really think I can recreate them at home for MUCH less. If I seem a little hyper it's just because I'm sampling my creations while I figure out the perfect recipe!

Love It

This last week at VBS someone (I honestly can't remember who) called Anneliese "Leesy Loo."

We (I) are big nick namers and so far she's mainly Sis or Anna Weese. Graham can't quite get the L's.

I love Leesy Loo. I think it's adorable and cutesy enough we're not at risk of her being called that at 30.

So...Here's a new pic of Leesy Loo:


-Anneliese LOVES to sleep. That sweet baby is sleeping 12 hours + every night! We've also started letting her cry it out. It was very painful for me. Jared insisted letting it go for 10 minutes but she falls asleep within 5 every time. She went to be last night at 8:10 and woke up at 6:30 for a quick snack and crashed back out and is still sleeping at 9:05. That's my girl!!

-I only work approx. 2 1/2 hours a week and I'm worn out by it. It's almost impossible for me to get there on time. When I went to leave the house yesterday I was already running late when Brennan announced, "Sis wreaks!" She had a total blow out and needed a quick bath. I arrived at work late and out of breath with a really sore foot. As much as I love Weight Watchers having 5 little kids may just be my limit.

-Anneliese is 11 weeks! I've lost nearly 40lbs and yesterday wore a pair of size 12 jeans to work! YIPEE. It seems like it's taking forever but I have to be shrinking since right after Sis was born I couldn't even fit into a 16. I've given up on weighing because it just upsets me so having my clothing sizes drop is a huge encouragement. All my cute size 6/8 clothes....HERE I COME!

-6 days til camp! I plan on spending the next 6 days cleaning and organizing to prepare a family of 7 (plus 2 dogs) to leave for a week. The kids are desperate to go and keep asking, "how many more days?" They've been asking since December.

-Apparently the new TV is scheduled to ship on the 10th. By my calculations it should arrive on Monday while we're gone. We had been told it already shipped apparently that was inaccurate and it was just ordered on that date. Having an expensive piece of electronics arrive in the heat while you're away...Priceless.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gettin It Together

-We leave for camp a week from Sunday!

-I'm super excited to say that I will be leading worship at Junior High camp. We have a couple guitarists that will be playing and I am organizing the songs and will be leading vocally. It has been a hope of mine that Jared and I would someday work together at camp with him preaching/dean and me singing. We work really well together and I love that we can serve together as a family.

-I have a goal to find a Baby Bjorn carrier before we leave. Since Anneliese is only 3 months she's at a good age to take and as long as I can just strap her on she'll be fine. She loves her sling but she is quickly outgrowing it. When she can not be satisfied the sling is the only thing that helps. It's almost weird how quickly she settles in and crashes.

-There is a particular Graco pack in play I've wanted since I found out Sis was a girl. It's pricey so I refused to buy it new and today (just days before camp!) I found it for $30!! YAY!

-More than likely we'll leave Graham home again while we're at camp. It's so hard to be with out him but he's just at an age where he can't really be trusted. The boys have a lot of free time and if Jared and I are both occupied he could easily wander off.

-I picked up an adorable teeny tiny swim suit and hat for Sis at a garage sale. I didn't want to buy one at the store because I figured she'd only wear it once or twice. The neat thing is I picked one out a Gymboree the other day that I just loved and I found it today at a garage sale for $2!

-The week leading up to camp is always crunch time for Jared but once we get there is such a wonderful family time. I am really looking forward to serving our Lord together at the camp that was such an influence on me as a child.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Morning Fog

-I am bootless! Yipee. It's a real conundrum. I'm glad to have it off but my foot hurts. It's really swollen and barely "fits" into my shoe. By fit I mean stuffed. I still have a pretty severe limp but I am definitely progressing.

-It's Thursday and that means VBS is almost over. I have to say I'm really thankful how quickly it's going this year. Something about 5 babies and a broken foot while leading music and breastfeeding is wearing me down. I'm just so thankful for all those that worked so hard to get it together. My kids are having a wonderful time.

-Coffee!! I have been seriously craving coffee this week. If you haven't tried the coffees at McD's you should! I love the fat free sugar free vanilla latte. I'm just a little surprised at the price. It's $3.63 for a large latte and that's pretty similar to both Starbucks and Scooter's. I thought the idea of McD's coffee was that it was just as good for less. I would say it's almost as good for the same money. The drive through convienence is the only reason I prefer them to the other coffee stores.

-We had our carpets cleaned in the main traffic areas yesterday. It's amazing the difference. I highly recommend Brooke's Chem Dry in Leavenworth. They're affordable and do an amazing job and guaruntee their work. I try to have them out once a year with our 5 kids and 2 dogs but it had been 18 mos. I'm hoping to have them do the other 3 rooms next payday. BTW they also clean and seal tile. I'm eager to have that done due to all the boys and the bathroom. It's like getting new carpet, Amazazing!

-Apparently VBS is wearing Anneliese out as well. Last night we went to Mike and Kyle's to play games and at 8:30 she got really fussy. We layed her on Mike's bed and after a few minutes of crying she crashed and slept through transferring her home and on until 6:45 this morning! I fed her and she's back asleep.

-Our TV should be here any day. Sony said it shipped a couple days ago. After selling the armoire we will come out even. The cost of the new TV plus the new cabinet matches the selling cost of the armoire. It's been a pretty major overhaul to get it all done and ready but I'm super thankful that in the end it won't end up costing us. We just weren't in the position to be buying a TV right now. Saying that the living room looks weirdly huge without that armoire. Jared and I love the new arrangement.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gettin' The Boot

I'm on my way this morning to the doctor. They are going to x-ray my foot and let me know if I can lose the boot or if I'll have to keep it for a bit longer.

I have mixed emotions. I've been trying to waddle about the house in the evenings without the boot and I don't get very far before I have to put it back on. It's hard to imagine it's ready to be free willy nilly all the time.

The boot isn't really the issue. I guess I'm just wanting to have my normal foot back. I really thought that at the end it'd be healed. Now I realize that was a bit pre-mature.

We'll see!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Check In

Good morning!

It's Tuesday and the second day of VBS. The first day is always the hardest and thankfully it's past. I'm already tired :) Getting all 5 babies up, ready, and out the door by 8:30 am is a difficult task.

Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary. We now realize that June 1st might not have been the best day to get married as a ministry family. Every year we're either up to our ears in VBS or camp. I can't remember an anniversary that we were actually free to just celebrate. The good news is we really try to cherish each other daily so June can come and go but our bond is strong and our love ever deepening.

Jared, marrying you saved my life. You are my everything second only to the Lord. Thank you for my beautiful babies and thank you for loving me and taking such good care of our family.

Thanks to Jenny H. we get to go out tonight! Jared's deacon's meeting was canceled so Star Trek here we come! YIPEE (yes we're dorks but we're good with it).