Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am so very blessed to have several Daddies in my life.

Jared, You are everything I ever hoped for in a Daddy. I feel so blessed that my children have you as their spiritual leader, protector, provider, and encourager. I have always loved you deeply and watching you parent our children makes that love so much deeper and stronger.

Richard, When I think about how much I cherish you it makes me cry. You are absolutely precious to me. You took me into your family when I was just 15 and at that point became a Daddy to me. You love unconditionally and are the most self sacrificing person I've ever met. There isn't anything you wouldn't do for your family. Jared says I remind him of you in my work ethic and I can't think of a higher compliment. I love you.
Jason, These last 7 months have been such a fun time. I have loved watching you take on the role of Daddy. It's so obvious it's what God intended for you. Zachary is so blessed to have you both and I praise God that he brought Zach into our lives. You are a wonderful provider and so involved in his life. You are a great Daddy. I'm proud of you and love you to pieces.
Craig, Ever since Hannah was born Jared and I agree you are the best Daddy to girls. We love to watch you be so tender and loving towards them. The complete adoration in Hannah and Grace's eyes is proof. You work so very hard and provide such a blessed life for your girls (Sonya included). It warms our hearts to see you love on our babies as well. You are a precious man and we love you!
Dustin, You have grown so much over the last few years. It became evident to me this week while helping care for your kids just how much they cherish you. There wasn't a day that those girls didn't ask to talk to you, kiss, or hug you. You are present and involved with your kids and I'm so proud of how well your doing at your job. You are providing stability and love in a home based on Christ. We are so blessed to have you at WCCC. You have really stepped up with the worship team over the last year and half and made it great. I don't know what we'd do without you. Jared loves you as his brother and his best friend. We love you so much.

In a world where Fathers are absent physically and or emotionally we are so blessed by your commitments to your families. You provide love, security, and protection. Your children will be better people and be better parents because of your commitment.

Thank you and Happy Father's Day! Men like you are why we celebrate today!

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Anonymous said...

What a precious way to recognize some pretty awesome guys! Thanks, Shannon for the pics and sweet words!

love ya,