Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Possibly Delusional

I haven't been able to run since Saturday due to the flu bug. I'm planning to head out in the morning as long as I keep improving. At first I saw this as a serious set back but over the course of the last few days the blisters that have been plaguing me are healing. By tomorrow they should be virtually gone.

In the mean time I have been rereading the book pictured above (an awesome book for any female runner, novice or avid). In October a couple of us are planning to run the 1/2 during the Kansas City Marathon.

I am contemplating starting her marathon training for a beginner. The training is 4 days a week with 30-40 minute runs 3 days and then one long run each week starting at 1 hour and ending closer to 3. Since my base run is 6.5 miles or around 70 minutes I feel I'm at a good place to start this training.

So here's my goal blog world. I am going to start out with the grandiose plan of running the full knowing that even if I'm not ready surely I'll be able to manage the 1/2 without much trouble. The training is 19 weeks and the race is 19 weeks away.

I'm not real sure of my motivation other than I'm an all or nothing personality. I like the idea of seeing how far I can go. If during the training I hit a wall and realize distance running isn't my thing then I'll back off. For some reason I've taken to this type of exercise and Lord willing I'll continue in it for His glory.

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