Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Updates

-Worlds of fun Tuesday was a blast.  It's unfortunate that Tanner struggled with an icky belly.  The good news is he still had a wonderful time and it's all they can talk about.  There were virtually no lines so we rode non stop from 1-9:30.  Once we were completely exhausted we headed home.

-I have been on Prilosec OTC now for close to a month and I'm doing better.  The "attacks" of terrible pain are becoming less common.  Praise God!  If I get overly stressed or eat too much fruit I still have quite a bit of discomfort but I'm really trying to manage both.

-We've been struck with another round of the plague.  This version has a temp, sore throat, stuffy nose and body aches.  So far Anneliese started us out, followed by Brennan, Me, and now Daddy is struggling this morning.  Good news is we were healthy for a couple weeks.  That's something!

-I'm still running!  As of Saturday I will have completed the first 3 weeks of training.  Monday starts week 4.  There are 19 weeks total.  I am currently running about 20 miles a week broken up into 4 runs (3 short, 1 long).  I headed out this morning with a stuffy head.  The Lord had mercy and the weather was super pleasant so it wasn't so bad. 

-I leave Sunday with the older boys for camp.  Brennan and Tanner go from Sun-Wed as campers.  Bob D (that week's Dean) asked if I'd teach due to low staff numbers.  Since this is Tanner's first time away I am more than happy to go along.  I promise to let them be and do their own thing but for Tanner's sake I think it will be nice to have mom within reach, just in case.

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Alisa said...

glad you all had fun at wof, but sorry you are ill now. ick!

Can you PLEASE remind my son to wash himself and put on deodorant? I'm pretty sure he did neither last year....ewww!