Saturday, June 19, 2010

Zach Attack!

I know I'm a bit partial but have you seen my nephew? He's stinking adorable.

Jason and Erin (Dad and Mom) have a close friend who is getting started in photography. She takes the best pics of Zach and I wanted to share some of them. We're in talks with her about getting some pics of the fam. Our last family pic Elijah was 6 months old. We've had a couple additions since then :)

Forget Me Not Photography. Jessica Hamman 785-554-8231.

If I travel I charge and extra $10. I can do outside photos around your area if you want. 4 Wallets $4 8 Wallets $6 4x6 $4 5x7 $5 8x10 $10. I do have other options available upon request. Let me know, if you are wanting outdoor photos I would wait until September-ish when it is not as hot and humid.

Jessica lives in Topeka. I'm sure she would love to take some pics of your precious peeps!

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