Monday, June 21, 2010

World's Of Fun!

Tomorrow Jared and I are taking Brennan and Tanner to World's of Fun for the day. We received a tip that there is going to be a presentation for ministers. We get there at noon for lunch and a presentation on fund raisers for the youth group and then we get four free passes to the park until 10! That's a $150 value and I'm so excited.

Jared and I have talked about taking the older boys but assumed it would be something they did with the youth group as they aged. It's just too pricey to take a family our size.

Jared got online and checked. The boys are both tall enough to ride all the rides. I just really hope we don't end up with a kid that doesn't like roller coasters. Jared and I are both big fans of all the rides. It really is perfect to be just the 4 of us because we can pair up.

We told Brennan a couple days ago and he's done real well not sharing the information. When Brennan came down with fever I was concerned Tanner would also get sick and foil our plans. I made the executive decision not to tell them due to Elijah. This will be hard for him and I didn't want any taunting going on. Today we offered to tell Tanner but warned him if he taunted Eli he wouldn't go. We'd take a friend of Brennan's instead. He opted out of knowing in order to keep himself safe. Jared and I were both super impressed with his wisdom. He put off the instant gratification of knowing the surprise in order not to jeopardize the surprise all together. Go Tanner!

The younger three are going to hang out with Grandma Anita for the day. It's so exciting for me to take the older boys. They've never been to anything like this. It's going to be a memory they have for their lifetime!


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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to having the younger three! We'll keep Elijah busy! He'll be fine! Hannah & Gracie are excited about the kids being here! Love ya,