Friday, June 18, 2010

Some More Camp Pics

I told Dustin and Alanna that Cora seriously needs a pet. She absolutely loved having Sophie around. She may have been the only one :)
The girl and I on Monday hanging out in the caf.
Tuesday morning Daddy was the person to be. Anneliese fussed and reached for him immediately and Graham snuggled right up under his arm. Those babies LOVE their daddy :)
We had 8 kids 9 and under in one cabin. Nap time was relatively painless each day. We napped Clara (4), Graham (4), Kennedy (2), and Anneliese (1). They did great all but Thursday. Anneliese came down with a cold and wasn't sleeping well. She kept fussing and in order to quiet her I played some old hymns. She was mesmerized and laid perfectly still listening to My Jesus I love Thee.
This pic of Clara and Graham is awesome. The kids had a ball at the park in Horton. Cindy and I loaded up 11 kids and 1 beagle and took them to the park for a couple hours.

This is a picture of Brennan and Tanner at the same park when they were 4 and 3.
They've grown a bit :) But look pretty much the same.
Graham has been left behind the last few years with Jared's family. This was his first real camp experience and he had the best time. It was extra special that he had his best friend "Cara Jean."
I absolutely love this pic of Kennedy. She must have told me 400 times this week that she "wuv you too." It melted my heart each time.
If you'll notice Noah is wearing the same shirt the boys had on in the older pic. One huge benefit of being friends with a family of 4 boys is serious hand me downs!!!
What a week! I'm so glad I was able to go. Cindy and I had a great time hanging out and chatting about nothing and everything. Our family is so blessed to have the Cokers. We look forward to many more summers spent just like this one! (Well almost like it, the kids getting older and more self sufficient wouldn't be so bad :))

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts & prayers have been with all of my wonderful family at church camp this week! Thanks for sharing these adorable pics! Love you! Anita