Saturday, November 8, 2008


Jared and I have purchased a nice used washer and dryer! I am so excited and we get to pick them up tomorrow. In order to afford this fancy new set I needed to sell my current pair.

We both really feel it is important to make sure anything we sell is in as good of shape as possible before it's sold. Simply because as a ministerial family something as simple as selling something is a witness.

I decided since my dryer is 5 years old and I do A LOT of laundry I should replace the dryer belt for good measure before we sold them. I ordered the part off the internet and this evening started in on the project since they are going to their new owner tomorrow afternoon.

While removing the drum from the dryer I noticed fine black dust all over the place. I couldn't see an obvious source but as I got further into the project it all became very clear. There is a small plastic pulley in the new set and I couldn't find anything like it in my dryer. I knew where it should be but it appears that the plastic wheel of the pulley had been completely worn and no longer existed. The belt was rubbing on the metal frame that once house the little wheel. That belt was the source of the black dust and it had definitely seen better days. In about 15 minutes I replaced the pulley, the new belt and had it all reassembled.

It runs like new! It's so quiet and the drum rotates at such a quicker pace. I'm shocked at what a difference a new belt/pulley makes! I am so thankful that we replaced that belt. I would hate for the new owners to take it home, have it break (soon I'm sure) and then decide that all Christians are hypocrites and God stinks.

That may be a little dramatic but we all know that what we do truly affects our witness. I hope that by taking a little extra precaution that this set will last a very long time and this gentleman will feel he got a great deal from a preacher man :)

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