Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's Up

-I currently have 1 of 2 loaves of homemade bread baking for my scrumptious stuffing. Tomorrow night is our Thanksgiving meal at church and I'm bringing tons of stuffing and homemade rolls. Can you say YUM?

-After just being more aware of my eating and doing a better job handling stress my weight is down 7lbs since Thursday. EEk. I would just like to say that I am not dieting I'm just making better choices and apparently I was working pretty hard at maintaining the weight I was at. While my goal at this point is not weight loss, I would like to maintain where I am for a month or two to just balance out the onslaught of weight gained in the first 6 months. I was already dealing with significant swelling in my hands and feet and that has now corrected itself. YAY. Being healthy both physically and emotionally is definitely better.

-Yesterday was some what exhausting and my goofy hip issue has flared up pretty significantly today. I have been fortunate so far this pregnancy with just small bouts of pain. I'm hoping that this month of working on my feet doesn't bring it back in full force. I would greatly appreciate your prayers on this one.

-Turkey day is next week!! That's shocking!

-I purchased new blades for my hair clippers today and some quality hair cutting scissors. The boys all have fresh new dos and Jared's next. It's amazing how much easier it is to cut hair with quality tools. Such handsome little boys. Just for your information: If Tanner seems a little shaggy over the upcoming months please be patient with us. Tanner has decided that he would like his hair a bit longer. After talking it over with Dad we decided that he has the freedom to choose as long as it's not in his eyes or passed his collar. Think Jim Halpert at 7 years old. This is what he's aiming for (minus the open shirt):
We'll see how it goes. It's fun for us to see our boys individuality really starting to come out. If he wants somewhat shaggy hair we'll try it out. Think of it this way, you won't struggle with which is which anymore when it comes to Brennan and Tanner.

-I'm off to work again this evening. Jared's been going in so much earlier in order to get a full day in. It's important to make sure his job always take priority.

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