Saturday, November 29, 2008


-We finished up our Turkey Day gluttony today. We've had 3 turkey day celebrations between church, my family, and Jared's family. I don't feel like I over did much at all but at this stage I feel bloated and full on lettuce :)

-I am really proud of the Weight Watchers members that came to the meeting this morning. It's hard to weigh in just days after an eating holiday and not only did they show up, the majority lost. I was super impressed. Good job ladies. You inspire me.

-Graham has become more and more outgoing with each day. He was quite the ham at Grandma's today. He's got quite a sense of humor for 2.

-Anneliese is kicking super strong and can be felt outside my belly. So far Elijah and Jared have both felt her knocking. Elijah was so excited he squealed, "I felt her twice and it felt like I got bonked with a trampoline." I'm not sure what that means but he was thrilled.

-I cut Brennan's hair yesterday. I was working diligently and really felt like I gave him the best hair cut so far. I was just straitening up the sides and the guard broke. It went flying and I scalped my son. He now has a 2 inch bald spot on the back right of his head. I cried. Poor little guy. He's particular and I'm sure doesn't appreciate Jared's constant teasing about how when he grows up he'll be able to afford real hair cuts.

-Saturday looks to be a crazy day. I have a Weight Watchers meeting first thing in the morning and then Dustin and I were hired to carol at a craft show for a few hours in the mid morning and early afternoon. Saturday evening is the annual "Woman of Wyandotte" at the church and Anita asked me to sing. Whew. Momma's going to be ready for bed.

-While weighing a member this morning I was told, "wow you just keep growing." Yep and since I'm just 25 weeks it's looking like it's not going to stop anytime soon.

-This evening a friend of the family said,"I guess I won't see you until after the baby comes." I replied, "Surely I'll see you before then." She looked me up and down and said, "When are you due." Ugh, "Not til March."

-I'm nervous (I don't know if you've noticed but I'm REALLY not a fan of change)but starting to get excited about who in the world God is going to bring to Wyandotte. Jarod and Laura are moving and we are looking to hire a youth minister. We have about 250 people that attend our church and about 95 are under 18. Being a mom of 5 I am super eager to see what the future holds for our kids and this ministry. Please be in prayer for all of us as we begin this transition.

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