Wednesday, November 5, 2008


-This week quickly became Weight Watcher's week. I started a new meeting Monday afternoon so I was in Leavenworth from 1:30 til 8ish. Tuesday night I filled in for a fellow leader who had surgery and found out that she will also need me to fill in on Thursday morning. Add the mandatory staff meeting on Sunday and it's a full week!

-This weekend is the Men's Retreat at Mission Lake. Jared is organizing and teaching and I'll be cooking for the men. The boys are thrilled to go along. I did it last year and the men seemed to enjoy my cooking. Hopefully it will go as well this year!

-A member of our church lost her mother this week. Jared will be doing the funeral on Friday before we leave for camp.

-Jared and I found a great deal on Craigslist for a new washer and dryer and are supposed to pick it up some time this weekend! I'm not real sure how that's going to work. I'm sure we'll be able to find an extra hour or two somewhere in the midst of all this. BTW anyone have a truck and the ability to help? There's a tank of gas in it for you :)

-We are definitely eager to meet our little girl and being this busy is making time pass quickly. The only problem is the quicker the time passes the sooner we have to say good bye to dear friends that we love like family. I'm actually wishing time would slow a bit. I love you Jarod and Laura.

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