Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Gotta Love Them

We gotta love our dogs but do our neighbors?

Tonight I got home from work/family outing to find my dogs desperately screeching more than normal. I tried to call them in and they didn't come they only barked, cried, and screeched some more but never came in.

I turned on the light out back to see them chained up. I'm assuming our neighbors brought them home and chained them up with their own equipment to keep us from losing our beloved yet obnoxious animals.

I am so frustrated with the two of them digging out. One neighbor to the West of us has two puggles that roam free and our little pooches can't handle the temptation. Whenever those puggles are out Sophie and Maury lose it.

We currently have a small forest of logs lining our beautiful privacy fence as a barrier but that apparently isn't working.

My next step is to purchase the underground electrical fence and collars. I plan to place the fence a foot inside our privacy fence so if the dogs even think of getting near it they'll get a nice little zap encouraging them to leave the stinking fence alone.

We love our dogs and the benefit to the kids is priceless but the upkeep is pricey :)


Champ said...

I had the same problem with my dogs. I thought about the electrical fence idea, but I decided on the much cheaper chicken wire method. I went to Lowes or Home Depot and bought chicken wire then stapled half of it on the fence and stretch out the rest of it on the ground. I had to use something to keep it on the ground, but it really worked for my dogs. Just something else to consider!

Shannon said...

Thanks so much. I'll run it by the Husband and see what he says :) We absolutely have to do something. They got out 3 times already today. I've starting putting them on a chain and I just would love for them to be free back there.