Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Indulge Me For A Blog...

Hi my name is Shannon and I hate laundry. Well at least until yesterday. My mom in law and I have a running joke of sorts about how I don't do laundry, don't do it well, don't do it often, don't do it right etc. I'm a smart girl and enjoy taking care of my family. It's not that I'm too dense to get the skill of laundering clothing. I would just rather drink bleach.

I think everyone has a household chore that they would like to hire out. Mine has been laundry. Maybe I should be more specific. I don't mind loading the washer. It's more moving the clean clothes to the dryer in a timely manner to avoid the stink (sour clothes) and then waiting for the dryer to get done and remove the clothing just in time to avoid having to iron your underwear in order to recognize them.

Things changed for me yesterday. Call me a "gadget girl" but having been married to my handsome husband for nearly 13 years has given me a love and admiration for all things electronic.

Jared and I have been talking for months about replacing our washer and dryer. I found a set on Craigslist that seemed too good to be true. It is a Maytag front loading set that is barely 3 years old. The previous owners moved into an older house and realized the night before moving that this set would not fit through the small doors of the new older house. He put the set on craigslist at an amazing price hoping to sell them within 24 hours so they would not have to move them and store them in their garage.

Long story longer, I called and talked to the owner only to find out his delima and I hung up the phone dissapointed knowing that there was no way we could manage purchasing the set in such a short amount of time. I thanked him and moved on. He actually called me the next morning and said that he and his wife thought we were nice christian people (wow we have him fooled :)) and they decided to move them and keep them for us until we were able to make the purchase.

God is GOOD. Amazingly everything fell into place within a week and we were able to pick them up Sunday night and have them up and running first thing Monday morning. THEY ARE SO COOL! I dried a large load of bath towels in 40 minutes. Completely dry! No joke! The dryer has a senser and as the clothes tumble it decides how long the cycle needs to be and to my shock it was right.

I washed all of our whites and they came out 4 shades lighter. Jared and I stared in amazement at the brightness of his socks. The washer has a specific setting for whites and apparently it knows what it's doing. The clothes smell amazing.

I actually enjoy doing laundry. I have washed just about everything in our house that can be washed. The washer has a ridiculous capacity and our king size comforter fits with ease. My goal today is to wash all the kids bedding.

I...I...I...I love doing laundry. All the buttons and digital read out. It's a technical geeks dream and I'm in heaven :)


Alisa said...

well if it's that good I am so bringing my laundry to your house...jk! I too find laundry to be the one thing I dislike about keeping our home. I think it's because it JUST NEVER ENDS (and believe me I have asked for my family to wear the same thing for just one week....it was a no go on that one).
Congrats on the new gadgets...I'm happy for you!

Jenny said...

can i bring my clothes too????

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm so happy that you're happy! And I am thrilled that you now love to do laundry! (Just call me Marie!)

Love ya,
Mom Anita