Thursday, November 6, 2008


We have had our little Maury for nearly a year. That's hard to believe! I took him today to be groomed for the first time. He was getting extremely shaggy and was very uneven due to his previous cut done by yours truly.

I took him to Shampooch here on Leavenworth road and they did a great job. They even put a male doggy cologne on him. He smells great and looks adorable. Check him out.



It's hard to see in pictures but he looks like an entirely different dog. SO CUTE!! I've always thought that professional grooming was unnecessary but now that I see the results I'm SOLD! We won't do it monthly just due to cost but it will be more than once a year :)

P.S. The reason for the very revealing image is simply because when I tell him to sit he lays down and rolls over. We've actually got him to do it when you make your hand like a gun and yell "SIT." Very funny.

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Jenny said...

He's a cutie! I can't believe you have had him that long. crazy