Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweet Boys

-Graham spent a couple days with my mom while we were at camp. While out driving looking for a garage sale my mom got frustrated when she finally found it and it was closed down. She said, "Well, thank you very much!" To which Graham replied, "You welcome NeNe."

-While we were at camp the boys were playing in the sand volleyball pit with their coats and gloves on. They came in for some hot cocoa and I asked, "are you building sand castles?'" Tanner said, "No we're building igloos."

-Brennan asked me yesterday what taxes are. I home school him to keep him shielded from such disgusting things trying to preserve his innocence as long as possible. I am on a search to find out who would say such an inappropriate thing to my little boy :)

-When Graham woke up Sunday morning for church he asked if he could go home. I told him he was home and he corrected me, "No I not, I go to NeNe's home." Nice...

-While the boys were building their igloos in the sand Tanner built a large ridge and came in to proudly tell me about it. He said, "look mom I built Cododado." I asked what he meant and he said, "where Aunt Vicki and Uncle Ron live, Cododado (Colorado)." He even built a little square in the side of a "mountain" that was their house. We went out there to see the 2 1/2 years ago and those sweet boys still remember that visit and are desperate to return.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Aunt Vicki and Uncle Ron would be so thrilled if those sweet little boys would come see us again! And, it would be fine for them to bring their parents too!! Love to all you guys! Aunt Vicki

Shannon said...

With gas prices dropping like a rock we may just have to do that! Jared and I were talking the other day and now that the Cannon's reside near we are desperate to come and visit. We chatted about this summer but we'd be bringing 5 by then :) I'm not sure a 3 month old would make the trip very fun. It was a little rough as I remember it when Graham was that age. We'll see, maybe we could make an overnight drive to ensure 5 sleeping babes. We would absolutely love to come and visit the rest of our family. We miss you all more than words could possibly describe.