Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nice and Fresh, Not Spoiled at All

Jared and I were having an in depth conversation about parenting. I feel very strongly that my job as a mother is to prepare my children to leave me. From birth on I am to give them all the skills they need to live an independent life with their new family. The whole leave and cleave idea.

I told Jared that if he were to ever see me behaving in a way that would some how jeopardize that goal to please bring it to my attention. He then smiled and said, "how old was Graham before he slept through the night?'

He was about 6 months old before we had a full nights sleep on a regular basis. Jared then started to tell me how much I babied him since I thought he was the last one. He said the older boys were crying it out at 3 months (and slept through the night by 8 weeks) and with Graham I would say, "but he's a baby..." and grab him up.

It was really funny because as he was talking I was thinking, but he was just a baby :(

Jared (and others) is a little concerned it will only be worse with Anneliese since I am sure she's the 5th and final and that she's, well a she. I can't imagine such a thing. Okay, that's a total lie. I'm a little concerned myself.

I don't want a little brat no one wants to be around because I can't tell her no. I already feel so smitten by her. With every little bump and thump I ooze love and affection. I have been having a ball just thinking about her room, clothes and such. I can't wait until she has enough hair for a french braid. I bought a small chandelier for her bedroom and I was browsing pink mosquito netting to drape her crib.

My mom and I were in Nebraska Furniture Mart yesterday and I found a GORGEOUS crib and a matching dresser in the clearance and I was just desperate to get them for her. We've always bought all our stuff second hand through garage sales and such and for some reason I just really want something pretty and new for her. It's so silly. My rational side kicks in and I recognize that a newborn isn't really concerned with a bedroom suit that matches. Plus paying for her birth is far more important than new furniture.

With each of the kids I've gotten really excited and either purchased or made their bedding sets and wanted new things for each of them. I guess it's not totally abnormal but I just want to make sure that I keep things in check. I love her but I don't want to spoil her.

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