Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Having Purpose

My co-worker and friend has just found out she has breast cancer and will need immediate surgery. My boss called yesterday to ask if I could help fill her meetings.

Jared and I talked and we decided that under the circumstances we didn't see how we could refuse. She obviously has no choice but to take the medical leave and with my being the only other leader in Leavenworth if I were to decline my boss would be in a pickle trying to find someone, anyone to fill these meetings.

Starting next week I will be working Mondays (my normal night), Tuesday night, Thursday morning, and Saturday morning. As of now this will only be for 4 weeks and I'm honestly a little overwhelmed by it. I know it was the right decision and God will grant me the energies needed to do this. I also babysit twice a week on Wed and Thurs so the Thursday morning meeting will affect my ability to watch Nadia. Jared is planning on stepping in to help since Nadia's family really doesn't have any alternative.

Add to all that home schooling, pregnancy and just keeping house and you can see my reason for feeling overwhelmed. The good news is that this will bring in $600-$800 of income right before the holidays and car tags are due. I will be helping a friend who now does not need to be concerned with filling her meetings. Working multiple meetings in my own center will only benefit my long term meetings. The reason being I will be introducing myself and my teaching style to new members who would not even know me otherwise. If there were only a couple who decided to attend my Monday meetings that would be beneficial.

The other day on the way to work I had the boys with me and Brennan asked why I work. I chuckled and said, "for the cash bud." As soon as I said that I realized how untrue that statement was. I then corrected myself and began to explain to Brennan how I help people. I told him that when people overeat it makes them sick in lots of ways. It not only can make them physically sick because of the obesity but it also makes them sad and unhappy with themselves and others. It makes it hard for them to do things that they love like playing on the floor with their kids or going for a walk on a nice afternoon.

I told him about how unhappy and unhealthy I was and how God wants us to worship Him with all we are even our bodies. I don't just lead meetings I help people realize that there is a better way to live this life. That nothing they ever did or anything that was done to them can take away their right to be happy healthy and thin.

I have had multiple opportunities to pray with my members and share God's love and most importantly His grace. The people that step in those doors need so much more than a smaller dress size. Many of them are hurting and are desperate for a friend and someone to serve as an encourager. I have made the decision to use this opportunity to help and show God's love and grace.

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