Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, That Back Fired

I don't take kindly to my kids calling each other names, picking at each other, or anything else that resembles sibling rivalry. We have taught our boys from birth that they are blessed to have each other. God gave them their brothers as gifts and we treat gifts with gratitude and respect.

I will not have a house of children/young men who throttle each other on a regular basis just for the fun of it and definitely not out of anger. It is my job to teach the self discipline, respect, honor, loyalty and the like.

Elijah is one who really struggles when he's angry with spouting off at the mouth or even smacking who ever is in reach. When he says things like, "I hate you" he is quickly disciplined with a dose of apple cider vinegar. When he hits out of anger he gets appropriately punished. We have a NO tolerance policy when it comes to hurting someone either physically or emotionally.

Tanner has taken to calling Brennan a "stupid idiot." The reason being is that Brennan is very smart and prides himself on it. Nothing gets to him quicker than calling him stupid or dumb. It always brings forth wailing and gnashing of teeth.

This afternoon Tanner was on one of his mean streaks and was calling Brennan names. I immediately called him down and got out the apple cider vinegar. Tanner has not had this punishment yet. I dosed him with 1/4 tsp. He immediately started choking and gagging asking me, "what is that!!!?!" I told him he will continue to get it any time he decides to tear someone down with his mouth.

I sent him upstairs and then...

He PUKED all over the landing and the bottom 3 steps. Nice. I guess if he chooses to call names again I'll have to dose him and then send him to the bathroom for safe measure. Nasty!

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