Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful for Antibiotics

While at the doctor yesterday she was even grossed out and a bit alarmed at my toe. That's never good. I started Augmentin yesterday and after 2 doses the pressure is already leaving my toe.

She also told me to soak it like crazy and that has brought great relief. I tried to explain my hesitation to come in since it was just some inflammation but in the previous 24 hours it went from annoying to scary. She just made an off handed comment, "I know coming in seemed unnecessary but you don't want to lose your leg over an infected toe, and I don't think your baby would appreciate a blood infection."

Wow, that seems a little dramatic but no, I don't want to lose my leg and Anneliese's safety is one of the main reasons I went in when I saw the infection spreading towards my foot. The good news is it already seems to be improving. Hopefully within another couple days it will be back to normal. Thanks for your concerns.

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