Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Anneliese Week 24

Usually when I do the bi-weekly updates on Anneliese I just google how ever many weeks gestation and click on images. The bulk of the pictures I've used so far have been from a website in Texas that's based on a woman's right to know.

Today I googled like normal and the first image that was on the list was that of an aborted 22 week baby girl. I am not encouraging anyone to look at the following link unless you are prepared for a very gruesome sight. This is what a precious baby of just 22 weeks looks like outside of the womb after a mother decided she did not want her baby.

It is images like this that make me question our nation as a whole. How, How can anyone claim Pro Choice when you look at that infant girl. Where is her choice, her rights. I am so incredibly grateful for this gift of life we have been blessed with. I pray that each woman regardless of the circumstance can find the silver lining in their own situation and realize that two wrongs do not create a right let alone justice. This little girl felt pain, heard her mothers voice and had a 70-80% survival rate had she been born at the same gestational age. How can we refuse that this is a life.


Jenny said...

I'm not going to look. I'm sorry that is what you had to see first thing. I don't understand it either. It's just sad.

Anonymous said...

I looked I shouldn't have...but I did. I found your blog because I am pregnant and was looking up pictures of unborn babies too. I googled "6 week embyo" and your blog is the first one that popped up. I've been reading ever since. I'm actuall kind of a passionate pro-lifer so I had already seen many pictures like this. Honestly I think pictures are the most convincing argument against abortion. (though I do not believe in displaying giant pictures in public because I dont think any child should be exsposed to that.)
The overwhelming majority of people who consider themselves pro-choice do so because even though they may think killing a baby is wrong they dont want to push their opinion on other women because its "none of their buiness" The pro choice movement knew exactly what it was doing when it used the term "choice" People are so afraid of sounding judgemental that they will support such evil. When I talk to people like this I tell them go look at the pictures they are all over the internet. You can even watch videos of abortions being performed. It always shocks them and usually changes their mind. Sorry for the long rant I will get off my soapbox now:)

Shannon said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your soap box. I completely agree with what you said. The majority of people I know who vote pro choice do it so as not to impose their personal belief on another person. The ironic part is that the mother of the unborn is most definitely imposing her belief of pro choice on her child resulting in their death. I also question if the same people would be pro-choice if this infant was born to the mother and then the mother decided she wished she'd aborted and decided to let the child die. Same baby, same mother, the only difference is if the child is wanted or not. I think most people would be ready to have her arrested for infanticide. It's no longer a debate of when life begins. It's a debate based on want. Do you want your baby or not. No? Then it's not a life, Yes? God Bless you on your new addition. Really?!