Friday, April 16, 2010

Grandiose Plans

This is our nasty garage. It's gross and that's all about to change.

I have great plans for the eyesore. It all started this morning when Ms. Jess backed up a beautiful Dodge pickup to the open doors. We removed 90% of the junk in the main stalls and now I'm cleaning and organizing.

We have pounds and pounds of cans that will make their way to the recycling station this next week. I plan to use the money to purchase RED paint. This garage is going to get a full barn makeover including 1 x 2 's in the shape of an X on the utility stall (far left door).

Sweet Richard has agreed to help me with the power washer. We are going to clean it inside and out (removing flaking paint). Jared and I have a goal of concreting the drive way in front of the main stalls and installing a basketball goal.

FINALLY, after 6 years it will look as if it belongs with the property :) I'll be sure to keep you updated to my progress.

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Cindy Coker said...

I don't think anything scares you. You take on any project that comes your way and do it with grace. Good luck! I'll be excited to see the finished project!