Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Low Down

I know that it appears through my blogging that the woman's retreat consisted of food, snuggling a baby, and more food.

That is somewhat accurate but there was more, much more. In my defense I was blogging via my phone and a quick pic is a lot easier than discussing the theology of the latest session via henpecking on a touch screen.

Here's the retreat in a quick summary.

The worship really was wonderful. My favorite part was the lead singer was a woman with a lower range. I could sing with her easily which really added to the experience (for me).

There were two different main speakers. They were both very gifted and we laughed out loud several times. My only complaint is having Ms. Jess with us made me painfully aware of how little the main sessions had to offer a young single woman. Lots of jokes about menopause and child birth isolated her demographic. In OCC's defense the lion share of women were 50+. Young single ladies were probably less than 5% of the attendees.

The classes offered a wide range of topics. I attended one on leadership, one on the Proverbs 31 woman and God's grace, and my favorite was about the paradox of self esteem. How do we balance what God says about us with the command to consider others better than ourselves. I will be writing on this in the future. Very compelling.

I think most would agree that the best part of retreats like this is who you go with. It is a wonderful time of bonding and fellowship. If nothing else I hope my random images and goofy writing has perked your interest in going next year.

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