Thursday, April 22, 2010

How You Doin?

-Today I'm planning to get my house clean, laundry done, and get packed. Tomorrow is the Woman's retreat at OCC and we're leaving at 7am! I can't wait to spend time with great friends and see what God has in store.

-Please pray for my sweet girl. Anneliese seems to have some allergy issues that we're trying to get sorted out. She can't have lactose, she gets super sick. Apparently Soy is out as well as goat's milk. Yesterday we started on lactose free, milk based, Vit D milk. We're praying this is the solution her tiny self needs to feel better. I'm desperate to get it sorted out before I leave for the weekend. We've been having to wash her in the sink after diapers due to her diaper rash. She also has an allergy to cinnamon. She's a delicate flower you know :)

-Graham just walked up to me with a piece of popcorn and said, "Mom, you should lick's spicey." Or not.

-Have you ever tasted a chocolate fudge pop tart? Not the generic but a genuine pop tart? I'm really wishing I hadn't. They taste a lot like a brownie. I grew up on brown sugar cinnamon (which I equally love) but didn't realize what I was missing out on. Be careful they're 3pts a piece or 6pts for the package of 2. Yikes!

-I'm becoming an avid runner! I'm not real sure why I quit last time. I feel great and I'm good at it (who isn't really...not a lot of skill involved :)) I'm going to do another run in Lawrence on May 8th. The cool part is after my run there is a family 1 mile "race" that we'll participate in. I love that my kids will grow up having had an active youth. I long for the day when the kids say, "My mom ran all the time and my dad loved to bike and play ball." No more obesity in this family thank you very much! (Have you seen the spouse? He's lost a ton and is still working hard! He has plans for a new bike in the next couple weeks. I'm so excited!)

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