Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

-It's Tuesday but Daddy's been taking Monday's off so our weekend just ended.

-I ran Saturday morning and it was super difficult. I'm not sure why but I just really struggled. I was determined to run the full time on Monday. There is an app for my phone called Map My Run so I decided Monday morning to use it to see just how far we were running. I started it, then went to my couch to 5K app and headed out. Apparently the two apps running together gave the phone fits. I ran, and I ran, and I ran. I kept thinking, "Surely I'm half way by now!" I pulled the phone out and checked it. It said I was a little less than half way so I just kept plugging away for another 20 minutes. Exhausted and about to hurl I pulled the phone out again desperate to see why it hadn't said, "One minute remaining" only to find it stuck exactly where it was 20 minutes prior! I figured it up and I ran for approx 45 minutes when I was only supposed to run 25. I guess I reached my goal of running the entire workout. Ugh, that was miserable! If nothing else you can say I am NOT a quitter! :)

-Sunday afternoon Miss Jess and I had a class session with Richard. He taught us how to change our own oil! Jess and I (with Richard's tutoring) changed the oil in Jared and I's vans and in her little car! YAY We used the pink tool set Jared gifted me for Christmas. Girls rock...Richard rocks! Thank you Papa we love you!

-Jared and I spent the day yesterday working in the yard. It was such a beautiful day and cleaning up the yard and mowing just seemed like a perfect fit. Before we started however we took the kids to the Legends and let them run their legs off. It was so nice!

-Last night our sweet Mellie (aka Smell miester, Smellie Mellie, Smell) went missing. We searched high and low. We were so worried. We all love her. She has a wild hair and darts for the door whenever it's open. We were in and out all day working on the yard and we assumed she'd made it outside. Late last night we heard a muffled meow which sent Jared and I searching again to no avail. Laying in bed I began to pray asking God to bring her home (yes God cares about our pets, He cares that Tanner would be devastated to lose his precious Mellie). I immediately remembered that I sent Brennan to retrieve some shorts from the attic. I text Jared from the bedroom (he was all the way out in the living room and I was snuggled in bed). He released our poor kitty from the attic! We were all greatly relieved! She loves the basement and tends to hang out in there, we never guessed she'd feel the same about the attic. She's an odd one, but we love her and are so glad she's safe!

-I'm having some fun going through my closet and window shopping at the Legends. I have a wish list of clothes. Most of my stuff is going on 8 years old and it was used when I got a hold of it. I went into Forever 21 the other day and there is a room off to the side that is full of pink and cream girlie clothes that I'm in LOVE with. They're adorned with knit and crochet and are super soft. So feminine and classy. There's a lot in that store I wouldn't touch but that one little room off to the side needs to be my closet :) Now that the Legends is here and has been established for a while I'm really hoping for some great finds this summer at the garage sales. It helps tremendously that I'm at goal. It's a lot more fun trying on clothes.

-Next Saturday Jess and I are Running For Mercy. This will be my first race and it's just a 5k but I'm stoked! I can't wait and I'm super eager to experience the whole race atmosphere. Tom and Vicki M are also running. I'll post my time and such. It's the first of several runs we have scheduled for the summer.

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