Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Whole Lotta Nothin :)

-45,000 hits! That seems notable! Thanks so much for reading. I'm feeling awful fond of all of you. You are my audience, my friends, my family. Honestly you're my link to the outside world while here at home doing God's will among the shorties. All that to say, "I appreciate you and your interest in all this goofiness!"

-I love Craigslist. Well, the ads on craigslist. There are some scary things out there but the sale stuff rocks. After going through my skinny clothes I realized that I have matured significantly since last at this weight. I will not be seen in the shorts I own. Seriously...there's no way, they are TOO short for a mom of 5 in her 30's. So I started searching for some capris and found a gal in NKC that had a ridiculous amount and wanted to get rid of them. I met her at Nebraska Furniture Mart and went through her stash. I now have 5 pairs of adorable capris and 2 new shirts! Ms. Amy met me and she also got a few pair and a new shirt. It's a lot of fun having a clothing buddy. Tomorrow I'm meeting a gal with a stash of 9 tanks tops from J Crew. My summer closet will be complete for mere pennies!

-Yesterday Tanner was doodling on a worksheet and across the top it said, "My mom is not fat." Well, that's good to know. I'm pretty sure it's in response to his brother Eli who told me the other day that I still look big pregnant (nice). Tanner's our tender heart and probably felt defensive, but still that was odd :)

-I chew my finger nails and have my entire life. I can remember my Dad offering me $10 a finger if I would just stop chewing them. Jared tells me on a regular basis, "Quit eating your fingers." It really is a habit and I don't even realize I'm doing it most of the time. On Sunday night my friend Vicki M came over for study and I noticed her pretty nails. She goes and gets them done close to the house. I talked to Jared about it and he encouraged me to go. Monday afternoon I had a full set put on and my hands do not look like my own. It makes such a huge difference and my husband is thrilled. It's a frivolity obviously but Jared loves it and encourages me to go. Who am I to argue? It's not too often a mom of 5 gets pampered like that. Now I have an excuse to go every month for a fill. Thank you Jared! I can't stop looking at them, they're soft pink and sparkly.

-My little girl LOVES Sesame Street. She's hilarious. Her tiny little self will snuggle into the bean bag for 35-40 minutes and watch episodes that have bits and pieces from when I was a little girl. She giggles at Big Bird and sings with Elmo. None of our kids have enjoyed it as much as she does. Tanner was a big fan of Elmo but not at this age. I have started Tivo-ing it for her. It's precious to watch her watch it.

-Today is my big brother Jason's birthday. Happy Birthday Jason!! He's 30...something :) I think he would agree when I say, WHO CARES! What matters is this year he became a Daddy! It has been a real blessing watching you fit so perfectly into your role as Zach's Papa. He is blessed to have you both and I couldn't be happier for all 3 of you. God is good!

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Eat, Fart and Bark said...

How are you going to change a tire with fingernails? How about the washing machine? Girl, I'm just kidding. I'd enjoy chewing on the fake things too much. Show them to me Sunday.