Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weight Woes

I am quickly coming to the realization that I'm not going to be able to make it back to "The Number" on the scale I've been working so hard to shrink to.

It's really fine. I had a conversation with myself this morning that went a lot like this:

-Do you feel thin/healthy? Yes, finally I really do.

-Are you eating healthy and exercising? Yes, and I don't feel deprived plus I'm running more with each week.

-How old where you when you maintained "The Number"? Hmm, I was that weight from 25-30. Now I'm 33.

-How many kids have you had? Right....that would be 5.

Ok, I get it. This new number is where a healthy (both physically and more importantly emotionally) Shannon needs to maintain.

Yes, I really talk to myself like that. I like to write and writers are introspective (vs crazy :)). The old weight is a mere 10 lbs from where I am right now and that seems so close but over the last month it's felt so far away. My body seems to have settled right where I am.

I have decided to keep on just as I've been, making good choices and running. If by chance the weight goes down fine, but if it doesn't I am content where I am.

This may seem trivial to some, but as a goal setter I work to achieve those goals. It's important to me that I complete things. At the same time I have had a lot of Weight Watchers members come in with unrealistic goals and end up quitting the program all together when they aren't able to quite get there. This blog is me giving myself permission to be right where I am. No stress, no guilt, just a healthy mom working to glorify God in every area of her life. Including this one.


Anonymous said...


You have to proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished. You are a mom of five beautiful children and a survivor.... of a lot(not saying but you know). You have blossomed into a beautiful godly woman and I pray that you will find contentment in where you are now with your size and give up the worry or fretting about the size you use to be. I know we all as women struggle and until we reach heaven we probably will always will. But what freedom there is when we give all that to the Lord each day. He is so faithful!

Love ya,

Cindy Coker said...

First of all, you look absolutely fantastic! You have every right to be comfortable and happy with yourself. I wish I had your will power. Not only do you look good, but you have a giving, loving spirit that is undeniable. I'm glad you're not being so hard on yourself about this. You've done a great job and you should be so proud of yourself.

Jen said...

Good for you Shannon! I am so glad you can see what we all see in you! You are one hot mama! Way to go!

Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Good for you! You look vibrant, happy, and healthy. Keep up the good conversations with yourself and God.
Thanks for the allergy advice. I had the doc call me in some drops, and I'll pick up some tabs today.

Mel C said...

My personal trainer told me our body is an amazing thing... it quickly adapts and settles at what works best.

Emotionally and physically, it sounds like you are in the right place! Great job!