Friday, April 30, 2010

Mario Party Inspired Cakes

With 4 young men in the house we have our fair share of Mario and Luigi stuff. They love the games and have even picked up a few toys here and there.

For Elijah's birthday Jess had the great idea of making his cakes in the shape of the famous mushroom characters. There are several different ones to choose from but the new (ish) large cupcake mold is the perfect starting point.

Since we were making dessert for 80 people at church I made two large cupcakes that is the equivalent to 3 9x13 cakes.

Elijah requested a Goomba. This was perfect since he's brown and it could be chocolate. If you're unfamiliar this is a goomba:

Here is how I made our Goomba. I made the Giant cupcake according to it's directions with chocolate cake. It took a cake mix and a half so I used the remainder of the batter for cupcakes. You'll need one cupcake cut in half for his feet.

If you want the best tasting Goomba ever, use the recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa powder tin. The cake and icing recipes are absolutely decadent. They are SO good. Here's the giant cupcake with a small cupcake cut in half.
The body of the Goomba is starred out with the chocolate icing mentioned above.
Leave space for his eyes and leave a portion of the seam (top and bottom of the large cupcake) for his mouth.

Make a batch of decorators icing (recipe here) divide it. You'll need just a little black for his mouth and brows. I highly recommend the professional coloring in the wedding isle of Wal-Mart or JoAnns. Star out the eyes in white and then use the small hole tip to make angry eye brows, his pupils and his mouth line.

The kids (and most of the adults) recognized him immediately. He was a huge hit!

The second cake was a Red (mine was pink-ish) and white mushroom that makes you "big" when playing Mario games. He was super simple and will used up the remainder of all that icing you made for the Goomba's eyes, teeth, and brows.

Star out a white base and some white spots on the top. Fill in the empty space with either red or green icing. He gets two little slats for eyes right below the seam. Too cute!

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Alisa said...

These turned out super cute Shannon. You do such nice work!