Tuesday, April 13, 2010

HELLOOOOO Smoothies!

I drink coffee all winter to stay warm.

I drink smoothies all summer to keep cool.

Apparently my body temp is seriously affected by the beverages I consume.

I do believe Amy C. and I keep Aldi afloat with our frozen strawberry purchases.

I was reading over at Gina's WW recipes and found out she's going to be posting smoothie recipes all week!!!!


I am SOOO excited I just can't wait! Go...Now...Go! Check out her super simple, super low point blueberry smoothie.

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The Lane's said...

This post made me laugh because I do the same thing. I drank so much coffee living in KS that I was seriously starting to get concerned (probably because I was always freezing there!). We moved down here and I drink more smoothies than you can shake a stick at! At least I know another wonderful woman is like me on this one!!!