Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grandiose Plans Part 3, Finishing Touches

Let's take a minute a reflect on the before:

And savor the after!!

This is it! It took a lot longer and a lot more work than I ever thought. I wanted to be done about 4 hours into it but I pushed through and now look!!!

I haven't blogged a whole lot in the last few days simply because I've been working diligently on this huge building. It's taken the better part of 3 days and I did the work primarily on my own with my 5 little helpers.

I would really like to find a galvanized wash tub on a stand to put between the two main stalls as a planter. The pile of wood at the base of the street lamp will be leaving soon. I have dreams of a weather vane at some point and honestly the sides of the building could use another once over with the top coat.

It's one of those things that I just had to draw a line under at some point. My house needs cleaned, the kids bathed, and we need to do a worksheet or two for school. I'm sure this will be an ongoing project but I feel it is a huge success.

Several of our neighbors have stopped by to give their nod of approval. It's awesome what a difference some paint and super hard work can do.


Beth Eaton said...

Love it! You did an amazing job!! You should give yourself a BIG hug!!

Ma said...

That's MY girl!! You are nothing less than amazing!!

Twisted said...

Cool beans,Girl! You did an awesome job.

Bryan Champ said...

Looks okay...that is if you like total transformations!! Good job Shannon!!

Si said...

When I think of how long it takes to paint a small bathroom, I know this must have been a HUGE project. Godd work! Love the transformation.