Friday, May 14, 2010

One Last Bike Related Post...Maybe

-Homemade pizza dough is currently rising in my kitchen. I really can't wait to eat it :)
-Tomorrow is Matt and Natasha's 10 year wedding anniversary. I made them a Hershey cake for the celebration per request (try to ignore the Ajax, it was a bit of a camera hog). Happy Anniversary Guys! We love you!
-Brennan and Tanner are happy little men thanks to Matt and Natasha. The phone they gifted sold for enough to buy all three of the older boys bikes. Eli's top pick wasn't there so we're waiting for Wal-Mart to restock. To all would be thieves out there we now have these under lock and key so don't get any ideas. Tanner picked green, his favorite. He was presented with his bike yesterday and must have hugged me 20 times telling me how much he loves it. He even asked to call Natasha in order to tell her he loved her. He's such a tender heart.
Brennan picked an all graphite colored bike. Daddy and I agree that it's super cool. They really seemed to appreciate being able to pick them out themselves.
-I just have to take a bullet point and brag on the younger two. Their bikes weren't in stock and even though the older boys received their bikes regardless Graham and Eli didn't say a word. No, "where is mine, I want one" etc. They told the older boys their bikes are "wayy cool" and went on. I pulled Brennan's old 12" bike (probably 6 years old and was used when we got it) out of the garage, dusted off the cobwebs and Graham smiled huge and said, "I wuv it mom!" He thought it was his new bike and was just giddy. He's been peddling like mad ever since. I really love these kids.

-The kids and I left Sophie in the backyard and ran an errand. When we arrived home Sophie did what she does best and used her piercing beagle bay to announce we had arrived. I pulled Anneliese from the van and she waddled over to the fence, stuck her belly forward and yelled, "UP! Poe-Pee, UP!" Since the only thing she's communicated to us in her 14 months is Daddy I was shocked! It's official, her first sentence is telling Sophie to shut up. Nice...

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Beth Eaton said...

LOL - out of the mouth of babes! They always keep us on our toes don't they. They are like sponges....