Thursday, May 6, 2010

Madder Than A Wet Hen

I am so very upset right now.

This morning I headed out to the garage to charge our mower (it needs a new battery so it has to be charged before we can start it). While walking down the sidewalk I noticed the kids bikes weren't under the awning. Last night before bed the boys, Grandma and Papa parked 2 bikes, a red trike, and a Spider man scooter under the awning.

I just figured they were in the garage and when I arrived at the door it was open. Graham and Elijah's new bikes where in the garage originally. It was obvious that there weren't any bikes in the garage.

Apparently someone thought it would be awesome to take 4 bikes, 1 trike, and a scooter from 5 little kids. Really?!

I wandered around the neighborhood asking questions and no one else is missing anything. One neighbor has an expensive battery operated John Deer tractor sitting in the grass untouched.

I can't help but feel targeted. Being a single income family with lots of babies buying new bikes isn't really an option. My family generously purchased these bikes for the kids for Christmas. This is Brennan taking his bike for it's first spin.
What a generous gift for my sweet kids and now they're gone. All of them. The bikes, not the kids :) There's a silver lining. My babies are all here and safe.
After talking to Officer Boczek we have decided to report the incident. Since they went into our garage it's burglary and not just a theft.

The hardest part is the kids are handling it so well. They were disappointed and a sad but over all they are fine. I'm so proud of them for not throwing a fit or being angry. They're good kids and don't deserve this.

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Alisa said...

that seriously stinks!! so sorry :(