Thursday, May 20, 2010

Went To Bed With a Cold In His Head and Didn't Get Up til Morning

-I got my hair cut today and it's perfect. The best part is I paid with a cake. Megan (my stylist) mentioned that she LOVES wedding cake. Well, just so happens so do I. It's by far my favorite cake so I thought I throw one together for her tip and she then refused to let me pay! I don't know how much she typically charges for a wash, cut and style but I'm guessing that's one pricey cake! Thanks Megan! I hope you enjoyed it :)
-I bought Jared a new chair on Cragslist. It looks a lot like his old one just a slightly different color and years newer. It's a Lazyboy and it's beautiful. The problem is it stunk...bad. In my defense the guy's house didn't smell that offensive. He's a single older guy living in an apartment with a cat. It seemed appropriately gross for the situation. I didn't figure it was anything I couldn't handle. I brought it home and washed it down with hot soapy water...twice. I removed the stuffing in the back and washed it on "hand wash." I've Febreze'd it, Pledged it, and Swiffer Dust and Shined it. I then used the Guardian leather cleaner and conditioner. Due to the humidity in the air I can still smell it. It sure looks pretty though! After much Google-ing and research the only other option I have before re-listing it on Craigslist is this:
I read about an individual who used to work in a dry cleaners and they had a funky
leather jacket that after 3 attempts at dry cleaning it still smelled. They sprayed it liberally with Lysol and stuck it in a trash bag for 3 days. Once removed from the bag it was funk free. So I liberally sprayed the chair and covered it with a plastic mattress pad protector. Right now it looks a bit ridiculous but in the end I hope to have a great chair that smells like roses, well at least like Lysol. If there's any other deodorizing tips out there please comment away! I'm game for anything obviously :)

-Anneliese has been a snuggle bug today. She's kissed, hugged, loved, and slobbered all over me all day. I have to say it's made my day!
-Richard came by to check out my new smoker! He was quite impressed and seemed to think it's in pretty good shape. I hope to start working on it tomorrow. I need some nice weather to pull it out of the garage.

-I've taken on a new project for the Coker's. They have some super cute kitchen chairs that need some TLC so I'm working them over. I've got the first one reinforced and put back together. It's going to get a good sanding, fresh black paint, a little shabby chic affect and some poly. Well, that's the plan anyways as soon as I get some sunshine.

-My washer of 14 months was leaking...again. Fortunately for me I bought the extended warranty so I called the repair man. This is the 3rd time they've come out for the same issue. I was warned today, "Ms. If you call again for the same issue they are going to consider it abuse and you'll have to pay for it yourself and it's $180." Umm, first of all I don't "abuse" my washer. I use it...a lot. Second of all if I've had the same issue 3 times in 14 months why is that automatically a user error. Sounds to me like a faulty design. Regardless I paid for the extended warranty and I'm so thankful to have it up and running again!

-I turned on the heat today. It's a bit of a shock to me that I'm using the furnace in late May but my house was so damp I needed to close up the house and dry it out a bit. Have I mentioned I'm ready for some sunshine?

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