Friday, May 7, 2010

New Project

Jared and I have lived here 6.5 years now and have had a pedestal sink in our main bath for the duration.

The idea behind the sink was space. Our main bath is smallish and we thought having a low profile sink would be great. It's really not so much. We have no where to store anything. I have been spending a lot of time over at Remodelaholics and desperately want to do this project for our bath. All of my readers out there please keep an eye out for just such a dresser. If you find one call me immediately! I would like to keep the cost of the dresser around $50 or less. I'm not too concerned with the aesthetics (paint, stain etc) as long as it's functional I can fix the rest.

I am in love with this blog. It speaks right to the heart of me! I'm always looking to restore or repurpose things. It saves so much money and gives such a sense of accomplishment. Keep an eye out over there. There's going to be a particular barn makeover featured soon and I'm GIDDY!!

As always I'll keep you posted on my progress! I have begun to live with a camera in my hand. I feel the need to document everything for you.

Goofy? Maybe :)

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