Sunday, May 16, 2010


Today would have been my Dad's 65th birthday.

This July will be 4 years since his accident and passing.

I'm feeling melancholy and I'm missing my siblings.

Jason, Heather and Matt are all I have left of Dad. When days like this come I really want to draw them near. They understand, they miss him, they went through the tragedy of his accident.

These are some of my favorite pictures of him:
This is my very favorite because Brennan resembles him so much.
I love this one because this is how I picture him. My fondest memories are of camping with him. I shot my first chipmunk (and skinned it) with him. I caught my first fish (a rainbow trout at Brush Creek) and even though there was only one fish he cleaned it and shared it with me. It was delicious.
I get teased often about bringing home creatures (our current count is 3 cats, 1 dog). Truth is it all stems from him. He always encouraged our goofy pet desires. While visiting dad I played with rabbits, ducks, dogs, snakes, ferrets, hedgehogs, rats, mice, turtles, a mule, horses and more all while living in a subdivision. As a mom I love that he indulged us and this is a big part of why I desire the same for my kids.

I miss him desperately.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Brennan looks so much like him!!!

I love you!